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I am starting a web site for some of the castles we have visited in Europe and the UK. I will be adding to it as I have the time. These are all my personal photos, so feel free to use any of them that you would like. Click here to see the castles.


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Just Common Sense and A Real Opportunity

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Spot of Gold

American Saddlebred Palomino Pinto #105111
PtHA 89684 - National Show Horse Nominated Sire #1243-S
Regular Stud Fee - $750.00- Pinto Mares $1,000

2003 Filly By Spot of Gold - First Place2003 Michigan Pinto Breeders & Owners Futurity

2006 Foals are arriving. - 1st is a Solid buckskin filly arrived 3/31/06

Some of Spot Of Gold's Foals - Page under Construction


For Sale

2007 Homozygous Buckskin Pinto

Saddlebred Stallion

Crosswind's Courageous Prints

ASHA 120297


Photos at 14 months.


Confirmed homozygous for the Tobiano Gene by the University of Kentucky Equine Parentage Testing and Research Laboratory.

100% of this horse's offspring will be Tobiano Spotted.

Out of Crosswind's Leave Me Breathless by: High Focus by Courageous Color.

Sire: Spot of Gold

Colt is 15.2 hands at 14 months. Will mature over 16 hands.

2008 Georgian Grande / Half Saddlebred

Buckskin Colt

For Sale

Shown below at 3 months.

Sire: Spot Of Gold - 17 hands

Dam: AK Schubert's Moon - 18 hands

Percheron/Saddlebred Cross

Shown Below at 21 Months. Photo 4/20/2010

Email for video can be sent on line.


Sold to

Karen Webb from Newnan Georgia

Colt is weaned and ready to go.


Georgian Grande / Half Saddlebred 2008 Bay Filly

Shown at right and above at 23 Months.

Star, connected stripe, snip, 4 white socks.

Jumping prospect. At 4 weeks old she jumped a 4 foot fence successfully.

Sire: Spot of Gold - 17 hands

Dam : AK Schubert's Lucky Lyn

Email for video that can be sent on line






5 Year Old Palomino Pinto Saddlebred Stallion by: Spot of Gold

Out of The Best Time by: The New York Times.


Sunny has been sold to Holly Armstrong from

Howell, Michigan

Look for them at the 2011 Pinto Nationals




Stallion is 16.3 hands

This stallion has his sire's spectacular looks and size.

He has extreme motion, tail always up and ears forward. Wonderful personality, always aims to please.



Attention: Horse purchasers,

Read about our experiences with Xena Vimercati

Crosswind's Stable - Erie County Court Docket #11462.03


Xena and Ivano Vimercati, AKA Xena Morley, Xena Richter, and ChristinaAnsivino,

DBA as Mystic Fantasy Arabians, and most recently Three Day Ranch, in Southern California

News Flash - I am still receiving emails from people in August 2010 from people that have had a bad, expensive dealing with Xena. Check the next page for email addresses.


Crosswind's Stable was awarded a judgment against the Vimercati's on 3 separate occasions. But Xena Vimercati decided to appeal each and every court verdict.

On 6/29/05, I received our third court ruling and judgment,

It seems as though I have been the only person in the long string of her lawsuits (mostly horse related)that has actually stood up to her in a court of law. After each victory to Crosswind's Stable, she had to appeal and carry the fight to the next level. She filed a countersuit against us for $30,000 which brought her a big zero dollar award.

I will be adding court documents complete with testimony. I also have emails from her that will show her testimony in court was not truthful.

All the pages I will be posting were evidence in the court docket above, thus public information. All testimony was taken while under oath, yet the Vimercati's chose not to be truthful..

This will be a lengthly process, and I will try and get a few pages added each day.But for those really interested, I will be glad to send you a copy of all the court documents and testimony by regular mail. All emails and conversations will be included. Email me with your name, address, phone number and I will get a copy out to you. Email me

Otherwise check back often, and please feel free to email me with your comments. The opposition is spreading lies as usual and is just trying to divert attention from herself. She always has to have the last word. On her web page about me she states she doesn't air her dirty laundry in public. My comment to that, is she she has a lot of dirty laundry out there. I will keep this web site focused on my problem with her, but I have endless emails from many of her unhappy customers. At your request, I will forward some of them to you too..

Click here to read all about it.